Bona fide marriage affidavit sample

One of the strangest things about the visa process, is that you have to PROVE you are in a real relationship. You have to get that feeling onto paper and in an official way. Our pack has since been accepted, so what I included was obviously satisfactory and I also share with you a copy of my i affidavit sample! Affidavits sworn to or affirmed by third parties having personal knowledge of the bona fides of the marital relationship. Each affidavit must contain the full name and address, date and place of birth of the person making the affidavit, his or her relationship to the petitioner of beneficiary, if any, and complete information and details explaining how the person acquired his or her knowledge of your marriage ; or.

Affidavit Of Bona Fide Marriage Template

That way we hoped that by showing that a friend had flown miles to be at the wedding, it had to be real! They continue to demonstrate an ongoing sound, felicitous relationship and I have full confidence that their marriage will remain a lifetime commitment.

I swear under the pains and penalties of perjury that all of the information in this document is true and correct to the best of my own personal knowledge. If you have any further questions or concerns, I am more than happy to be contacted on the details provided below.

I wrote the letter on my computer and then had our chosen people fill it in for me and sign it. This one took a while and ideally needs to be started as early as possible in the relationship. I created a timeline that pretty much documented our relationship from day one.

Below are 2 sample pages of what our timeline looks like. I explained everything I included with a short sentence and organised it all in date order. Please remember, I am not an immigration professional, the advise is based on my experience. Immigration Fiance and Marriage Visas. Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking, which comes at no extra cost to you!

As always, opinions are my own. My name is Nisa and I came across your blog post when I was doing my research for evidence of bonafide relationship. I am from Singapore and just got married about 2 weeks ago. My husband and I will be submitting our application very soon and I have a couple of questions to ask.

For the passport stamps, do you only include the stamps from your passport or from both you and your husband? Is it compulsory to include the letter for affidavit of bonafide marriage? Lastly, am I allowed to travel to US while waiting for I to be processed? Like Like.

Hi Nisa! As we had never lived together we had no evidence for things like home bills with both of our names on so we had no choice but to use the letters as one of our 3.

I just found a template online and asked 3 people to fill it in for me. Hope this helps!

bona fide marriage affidavit sample

We figured it would be strange to include just mine. But we do have alot of photos 28 pages in total! If required, we will get our relatives to help us fill up the form that you have kindly shared on your blog.

No problem!Affidavits can take many different forms and serve in a number of situations. However, USCIS has specific requirements for the affidavits that affiants, or authors, submit in support of individuals seeking immigration benefits through marriage. Individuals seeking permanent resident status or citizenship through marriage must submit proof to USCIS that their marriage is a bona fide, or valid, relationship.

This evidence typically consists of financial documents and legal certificates that demonstrate many standard conventions of married life: shared bank accounts, co-owned real estate or resulting children, for example.

If such evidence is lacking or if a couple wishes to strengthen their case, they can request that people who know them write an affidavit or Letter of Support. Terminology can be confusing, as USCIS requires that petitioners sign and submit an Affidavit of Support for individuals that they want to help immigrate to the U. In that Affidavit of Support, typically Form Ithe petitioner accepts financial responsibility for the person immigrating.

In contrast, an affidavit or letter in support of a bona fide marriage as part of the immigration process is different and separate from the affidavit of financial support. These letters often become part of the package of evidence submitted with.

The letter will be included in the evidence submitted to USCIS as part of their petition or application package. Dealing with immigration in the United States is a long and tedious process. As a private companyour goal is to simplify the immigration application completion process.

We can help with that too. Once your application package has the necessary documents, you can then sign your application and mail your application package as instructed. If you are looking to prepare an immigration form, use our software to make it simple. You can check your basic eligibility at no cost before you prepare your application. Check out all the form services we provide using the button below. Immigration Forms.

Visas - Related Forms U. These letters often become part of the package of evidence submitted with Form IPetition for Alien Relative. Relatives file Form I to prove their relationship with the person they are helping immigrate to the U.

Conditional permanent residents use Form I to become full permanent residents. Anyone can write a letter of support to help prove the validity of a marriage. Authors can be family members, friends or even acquaintances who have assisted the couple with financial matters or living arrangements, for example. Authors must, however, know the couple and be able to provide factual evidence that demonstrates that the two people married because they are a valid couple in a bona fide marriage.

Determine Relevant Evidence To Include. Factual evidence should prove that the marriage is a legitimate one.

This typically includes information indicating dates, times and specific events that the author cites. Authors may need to research records or calendars to establish the validity of the information they intend to include in their letter. Sometimes, USCIS will follow up with the author, the affiant, to confirm facts or request additional supporting evidence.

Compose the Letter of Support.

bona fide marriage affidavit sample

To prevent misunderstandings or readability issues, affiants should type the letter, clearly presenting information in a logical order much like a business letter. This should be easily located, at the top of the page.Some immigration forms require proof that a marriage is authentic or bona fide.

Two of the most common petitions that require such proof are:. Instructions for each of these forms list a number of documents that can serve as proof that a marriage is authentic.

How to Write an Affidavit for Immigration Marriage

A marriage certificate alone is not sufficient evidence that a spousal relationship is genuine. USCIS details a number of third-party documents that can help to establish the authenticity of a marriage. Evidence includes. Applicant couples use affidavits or letters of support for a number of reasons.

Some couples may not yet have many of the other, more specific documents listed, particularly the financial evidence. Too, a couple may simply want to submit additional evidence to ensure that their application is as strong as possible.

In those cases, applicants can submit affidavits swearing to the validity of their marriage. This is called an Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriageoften referred to as a letter of support. Affidavits or letters of support are not based on a specific form per se, and the applicant couple does not write them.

Instead, they are a letter written to USCIS by someone who knows the couple well and who is willing to swear that the marriage in question is authentic. To write a letter of support or affidavit that USCIS will recognize, the affiant, the writer, must include specific information.

When deciding who to ask to write an Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriage or Letter of Support, applicant couples should consider people who know them and have observed behaviors that indicate that they are a genuine married couple.

What is most important is that the account given in the affidavit is truthful, factual and accurate, as USCIS may summon the affiant, the affidavit writer, to testify before an immigration officer. Visas - Related Forms U. Two of the most common petitions that require such proof are: Form IPetition for Alien Relative.

Form I establishes the relationship between a petitioner and the beneficiary seeking a Green Card, or permanent resident status. Form I allows petitioners who obtained conditional permanent resident status through marriage to remove those conditions and gain full permanent resident status. Evidence Proving a Spousal Relationship A marriage certificate alone is not sufficient evidence that a spousal relationship is genuine. Evidence includes documents demonstrating joint ownership of property; a lease proving cohabitation, that the couple has been living together; documents showing jointly held or combined financial resources such as banking accounts; birth certificates for children born to the applicant couple; other relevant documents demonstrating joint financial responsibilities like joint utility bills, insurance bills or tax returns; and affidavits, or letters of support, from a third party vouching that the marriage is a bona fide one.

Affidavits as Letters of Support Applicant couples use affidavits or letters of support for a number of reasons. How To Write an Affidavit Letter of Support for a Bona Fide Marriage Affidavits or letters of support are not based on a specific form per se, and the applicant couple does not write them.One has to understand how to prepare an appropriate affidavit.

Another affidavit must be submitted by the sponsor for each individual. Blank affidavit is an excellent approach to draft the affidavit you want. There are various explanations for why an affidavit is made. An affidavit may also be utilized in case one wants to apply for sure things.

Affidavit of support has been made under different conditions. You will guarantee that you have applied appropriately once you file form affidavit of support online. For immigration to another place, an individual may take a sponsor who can offer financial support during and following immigration.

The sponsor is typically the petitioner of an immigrant petition for a relative. To begin with, every sponsor must state her or his own income. The joint sponsor has to be living with the principal sponsor in the previous 6 months.

Template Affidavit Of Bona Fide Marriage

You have to sign Form I in your complete name. To start the process to get an Affidavit of Support, you can start by completing Form I Form I is chiefly utilized to support nonimmigrants visiting the usa. There are various varieties of affidavit forms. A lot of people want to understand what an affidavit form is. By searching the net, you will have the ability to find and access absolutely free affidavit form.

Instead, you could seek out affidavit forms online and find a notion about what your affidavit form should include. Affidavits can take many diverse forms and serve in several situations.

Instead, the affidavit needs to be based on facts. Affidavit of support agreement is made, when someone is legally liable to support another individual financially and in different ways. Affidavits might be written in the very first or third individual, based on who drafted the document. You could also have a look at affidavit of death examples. The individual writing the affidavit is referred to as theaffiant. The individual writing the Affidavit of Support is called theaffiant.For those who needed bona fide marriage affidavit, a sample is attached here.

It must be on official government paper and get it notarized. It must be made by 2 persons who personally attended your marriage. Date: Deponent. So basicaly all they want is a document to say the marriage took place? They have marriage certificates for that don't they. Pretty much that is all that is being said.

Its crazy that they would even need that because it proves or shows nothing as far as the bonafides, all that would show is someone got married. You're right. I also believe just marriage certificate is more than enough. But the affidavit is making by 2 more persons, that's all! I don't think it has to do with the fact that you attended the wedding. I think it's geared more towards the validity of the relationship.

Like my mom did one and in that she stated that she sees me talk to my husband everyday and that in her eyes it's a real relationship. No one tell the hubby! Oh wait I already told HIM! Can this affidavit be written on a regular 8x11 white paper?

Any information regarding this would be helpful. I'm just about to gather documents that are needed to include in my I petition. I agree. Its more about witnessing a valid relationaship. I included one from my mother and father both USC as well. Here is an example, I used the template form this site. Dont think the size of doc matters.

Hope it helps! The contents of the affirmation are based on my own knowledge and are true. I became aware of the relationship of between Francisco March and Celina Marie Fowler a year prior but this was the first time I witnessed them as a couple in person.

Celina was not present during this occasion, but I knew they had a genuine and serious relationship. I have personal knowledge of the bona fide relationship of Francisco and Celina.

Sample General Affidavit Form

Their marriage is legitimate, viable, and not entered into for any immigration-related purpose. I Approved in 11 weeks!!!

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Register to Reply or Ask a Question Go to first unread post.In some cases, it is not enough to verbally tell the truth rather, you are forced to swear to it in writing. An Affidavit is the legal way by which you can lawfully prove that your statements are true and fair.

Check out the essential points to be covered while preparing an affidavit. Well, this legal document is signed by an individual in front of a notary public. The information in an affidavit must be first-hand information. You are required to sign one as part of a contract or if you are involved in any kind of legal process.

When to Use an Affidavit? What is a Bona fide marriage? The I Form acts as proof to a bona fide marriage to U. Citizenship and Immigration Services. A bona fide marriage is a real marriage, in the eye of law. It indicates that the spouses are genuinely in love and both want to stay with each other forever.

It is really essential to show this document in front of USCIS to prove that your marriage is real deal. Affidavit of Bona Fide Marriage Example. Immigration to the United States is not that much easy as it looks like. An individual might be required to submit an affidavit letter in some special cases.

The main reason behind proving an affidavit to the respective authority is to give an oath to support the new immigrant financially.

bona fide marriage affidavit sample

Individual may also be asked to make a declaration in written under oath, regarding facts about the immigrant for which no appropriate legal documentation is given.

Example Of Affidavit For I This letter is written by people who are deeply in touch with the couple and have first-hand knowledge of their relationship. General Affidavit. As general affidavit can be asked in numerous cases, it is normally a written statement of facts under penalty of perjury. Here we are displaying a General Affidavit Example fro your convenience, take a look! Probable Cause Affidavit. An affidavit of probable cause is a statement under oath, usually made by a police officer, by which the police officer highlights the truthful and accurate declaration indicating the reason why a judge should render permission to arrest someone or provide a search warrant.

It is also prepared to give written declaration that an arrest made during a crime-in-progress was made after getting solid evidence that the person who is in custody is truly the person who has committed the crime. Probable Cause Affidavit Example.

Do You Know? These are the example of affidavit.In some instances, the couple could possibly be separated and questioned individually. Too, he may simply want to submit additional evidence to ensure that their application is as strong as possible. A mistake that lots of couples make is to supply aged documents, sometimes even the very same ones since they submitted originally. They are able to avoid the I interview.

A man or woman may need to verify their marital info to find medical insurance or to have a passport, visa, or other government documents.

The individual writing the affidavit is referred to as theaffiant. A person who is faking a marriage for the aims of obtaining a green card is normally not prepared to combine financial assets. More evidence is usually better. It should be organized as one piece of evidence per paragraph. Each affidavit must contain the entire name and address of the individual making the affidavit, date and place of birth of the individual making the affidavit, and total info and details explaining the way the person acquired their understanding of your marriage.

Affidavits are frequently used to support a petition. They can take many different forms and serve in a number of situations. They may be written in the first or third person, depending on who drafted the document. In case the affidavit is going to be submitted before the court, the caption of the case has to be stated on top. Applying to the court for orders ought to be a final resort and just considered.

Of course you must prove which you are legally married with a marriage certificate. State each fact in 1 paragraph. The end result is that, in regards to deciding if a marriage is bona fide, USCIS will have a tough appearance, and expect the applicant to give a lot of solid proof that their marriage is the actual thing.

It is possible to describe an event, as an example, the wedding or a party. There are likewise a variety of commonly used affidavits designed for certain purposes. It can be quite hard to give documentation as described above. Then select where you would like to conserve the file on your hard disk. Dental Clearance Letter views. Us and Canada Time Zone Map views.