Frame loom

A frame loom was the perfect option. They are portable and easy to warp then begin weaving on. It really is just that simple. There are a few ways to use a frame loom, but I found that the easiest way was to warp the yarn directly on the frame. I was able to do this without any major hardware, using washi tape as a warp guide.

This is perfect for those who want to set up a loom quickly and get started weaving. If you choose to get the stretcher strips you will need to follow their assembly steps. Place one piece of your cut washi tape along the bottom of the frame and along the front, following the marked line.

Step Three: Following your first washi tape use a piece of warp thread to determine the gap size you need then place the second piece of washi tape. Continue cutting and placing the washi tape with gaps for your warp thread across the bottom of your frame loom. Repeat the washi tape step across the top. Now you can warp your loom.

This post contains affiliate links. I am not sure how to ask this question, so please forgive my confusion. What is the differences between warping a frame loom like you have pictured and using pegs for a front facing loom. Like in rug making? Thank you in advance! And I am happy to have found your web page!

As you weave the warps flatten out. I am making a frame for my first weaving project. What would frame size would you recommend? I am a experince yarn crafter making first steps in weaving.

Hi Rohini, It really depends on how large you want to make your weaves. My frame is really large, but the size makes it harder to fit on my lap.

I also end up warping just a part of it and weaving smaller weaves on it. I would really like to weave my own garment, probably a jacket or a top. How would you recommend that I approach this? THank yo so much and I love your blog xx. Thanks Louisa! You could possibly use a really large frame loom, but my recommendation would be to use a floor, table, or Saori loom. The reason I suggest these is that they roll up the your weave as you go, so you can make larger areas easier.

I totally am enjoying your blog! Thanks SO much for sharing so much info! I am an experienced weaver, but I do so love DIY projects, and yours are so explained and great to follow! Warping is quite straightforward, even relaxing. The pieces of blue […].I put a lot of time into researching old books and experimenting and wanted to share what I had learned.

Weaving is such a fun and meaningful art form that I wanted it to be available to others to enjoy too. I started The Weaving Loom as a way to share weaving techniques that I have learned through my experiences.

withwendy's Custom Large-Scale Wall Tapestry

These are the most important terms for understanding weaving, but I have pictures and a few more weaving terms here. If you already have a lap loom, then great! Any of my tutorials can work on any lap loom. I have two ways to make your own loom:. I have a few posts on how to warp different looms. There are many different looking lap looms, but in my experience they warp up in one of two ways:.

Weaving Techniques. This is the fun part of weaving! All the beauty and creativity go here, this is where you make your magic. I have posted on a bunch on weaving techniques and have already made a round-up of just the techniques here. So now I would love to hear your story, how did you first discover the art of weaving? Have you woven before or is this your first time starting? I love to hear how others have found this art form that I love. Weaving Looms. Metal Tapestry Needle.

Colored Cotton Warp. Twisted Cotton String.

frame loom

Hello Kate, compliments for your site. I wonder if you could help me. I saw once a simple loom to make scarves. The advantage of this system over a frame loomis that one can weave long items like scarves.

Do you know how this kind of loom is called? Kind regards, Anja. It does remind me of belt weaving, where the weaver will attached the warp threads to something like the wall on one end and the other end is attached around their waist. They keep a tension on the warp threads with their body and weave in the weft.

I started weaving a month ago and it has been so, so helpful. Your own weaving works are beautiful and inspiring! Thank you again for such a fantastic, friendly and helpful resource.

Thank you Kate for all the posts!!! I love reading, watching and learning all about weaving!!!The expressiveness of video with the convenience of messaging.

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Beginner’s Guide to Weaving

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How to Make a DIY Frame Loom

Fast Recording. Easily record your screen or a specific app, with or without your camera. Instant Sharing. Hit stop, and a link is automatically copied to your clipboard to share.This past spring, I spent a couple of weeks vacationing on one of the Gulf Islands.

frame loom

The islands are home to a lot of artist and the place I stayed at was showcasing some of their work in the dinning area and lobby. One piece that caught my eye was a woven tapestry, it was quite stunning.

It occurred to me that I didn't know a thing about weaving. When I got home I did a bit of Google searching and payed a visit to the library to try to learn more about weaving. I actually did not find a lot of information for beginners wanting learn how to weave online and the library books were old and had to be retrieved from storage, but I did figure out how to make a simple frame loom and weave on it.

Here is my instructable on How to Weave on a Frame Loom. I included a glossary to help with the weaving terminology.

I bought the wood I used for the frame from a nearby hardware store, it was an 8 ft piece that they cut for me into two 26 inch and two 20 inch long pieces, the remaining four inch piece I used for the front legs in step 4. I made a rectangular with the four pieces, with the shorter pieces sitting on top of the longer ones and put two nails in each corner. While weaving, I found that the most comfortable positioning of the loom was to place the front part on my lap and the back legs on a table.

You may want to adjust the height of the legs to suit you and your work environment. I also wanted the back legs to fold under so that the frame can lie flat and be tucked away when I wasn't using it, so I used a long screw and a wingnut to attach the legs to the frame. I drilled holes 2 inches from the back on the long sides of the frame.

I then fed the screw through the frame and then the leg so that the wingnut was on the outside. With the back legs in the upright position I marked the angle to cut the front legs.

Once I cut the front legs with a saw I glued them onto the frame with wood glue an inch and a half from the end.

Ashford Weaving Frame

I added Sugru to the bottom on the legs for traction and to protect my table. I just needed two pieces of Sugru, and made little crosshatches with a ruler. When weaving, you run the weft yarn over and under the warp, as you can imaging this can be tedious and time consuming.

Using a heddle makes it a lot easier. The type of heddle I made is called a rigid heddle, it consists of a wood frame and plastic shafts with alternating vertical slits and holes for the warp thread to pass through. To start I cut the four thin pieces of wood so that they can fit inside the frame of the loom. The length needed was To make the shafts, I used some thick plastic 3 from a plastic container.This is the first in a series of tutorials in which I'll teach you the basics of weaving on a simple frame loom.

frame loom

The techniques can be done on any size loom. Each yarn strand wound on the loom is called a warp end. Measure your first strand, about one yard. You can begin to weave on either side of the loom. Pass the needle over one warp end and under the next.

frame loom

After you weave across all of the warp ends, make an arc with the yarn, then pack it down. This makes the weft fall in between the warp ends. If you pull the yarn through without letting it have a chance to settle in, eventually it will start to pull in the selvedges, and your finished piece will be more narrow on the top than the bottom. Some weavers like to use a weaving comb or fork, and you can find beautiful tools out there, but for now, your fingers are fine. And they are easy to find when you need them!

You can start a new yarn strand anywhere on the weaving. Getting Started Weaving. Horizontal Stripes. Vertical Stripes. Diagonal Shapes. Rya Knots. Pile Weaves. No worries, this little book will fit right into your project bag, so you can take it with you anywhere your heart desires. Log in Cart 0 Checkout. Begin to weave Measure your first strand, about one yard. The selvedges are the sides of the woven piece. Begin a New Strand You can start a new yarn strand anywhere on the weaving.

Leave at least 4 inches of the old and new strands hanging until finishing time. Now that you know how to start weaving, it's time to try stripes!

You never know where you might find yourself weaving. In the park, under a tree, or maybe even up in the tree! How to Make the Figure-Eight Stitch.

Invalid password.There are many looms to choose from, and there are definitely some loom types you want to stay away from as a newcomer. First, you need to know all the different types that are available. You can read about all of them in our article on the different types of weaving looms.

Below is a quick decision flowchart I made that will help you choose which type and which model weaving loom will be best for you. A frame loom would be best suited for someone that wants to weave occasionally and wants to keep things as simple as possible. This is because the frame loom is the easiest to learn and is very cheap.

The rigid heddle loom is for the more aspiring weaver. The learning curve for this type is a little higher than for the frame loom. But anyone motivated could learn it by themselves with a good instructional manual or video. With a rigid heddle loom you can make much longer weaves, learn both basic and advanced weaving techniques, and weave much faster.

If you want to buy a frame loom, you can keep reading. But if you want to go with a rigid heddle loom, you can skip to the middle of this article.

Frame looms are also referred to as lap looms because people like weave on them while holding them in their lap. If you want to go with a bigger frame loom anyway, I recommend you to buy a complementary stand for it.

Surprisingly the Beka looms are actually cheaper than the Ashford frames and come with some weaving accessories shuttle, pick up stick, weaving needle as well. This loom is beautiful and made of high-quality wood. Similar to frame looms, you want to pay attention to the size of the rigid heddle because the maximum width of your weave depends on the width of your loom.

The maximum length is not limited by your loom size. However, bigger is not always better when it comes to looms. If you want to know why, read our article on which size rigid heddle to buy. Next you want to look at the heddle your loom comes with. Obviously the heddle is a crucial component of a rigid heddle loom and you want to check how much dent the heddle is.

Rigid heddle looms normally come with a heddle that is somewhere between 5 and 12 dent. This indicates how many warp threads your weave will have per inch. Also, if you use a very low dent heddle you will have to use thicker yarn to warp your loom, whereas a high dent heddle should be warped with thinner yarn.Weaving on a little loom is satisfying and can yield instant gratification. However, every now and then, small projects can be more challenging than expected.

Variable weights of weft yarn causing tension issues As I was weaving, I […]. Little Looms are still gaining in popularity, and the number of projects, publications, and Pinterest boards seem to multiply exponentially. While we have been a leader in the small loom market, we knew that there was room to for another loom. This versatile I-loom […]. Heather, our sales and marketing director, approached me with an idea; to use pom poms in a weaving and create a spring-inspired wall hanging.

As is often the […]. February is here, and with the frigid weather, many of us are experiencing a bit of cabin fever. We felt that by adding some new handwoven pillows into our homes, we would infuse some warmth and joy in our lives. This month, four of us here in the office will be exploring our interpretations of […]. First of all, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion around how to properly pronounce this word of Norwegian and Danish origin, brought to media prominence by the Danes, and embraced of late by the western world.

In our previous post, we taught you how to spin bulky yarn. With the textured wall hanging craze going strong, and the love of small looms increasing, we thought this would be the perfect project for our new Lilli Loom. The appeal of the School Loom became apparent when I paired two of my favorite things: fiber and flowers.

This small loom was the ideal tool for my endeavor. As a child […]. The funky home decor trend continues to pop up all over Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy — you name it!

Some people saw these made these! Orders will be processed within 24 business hours of receipt, and an order confirmation with estimated ship date will be sent. Home Weaving Techniques Frame Loom. This versatile I-loom […] Read More. As is often the […] Read More. This month, four of us here in the office will be exploring our interpretations of […] Read More. As a child […] Read More.